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Warwick are local and international Wealth Management Specialists. Exceptional products, service and performance epitomise Warwick. Established in 2002 and operating locally and internationally, Warwick is focused on its unique products and service levels, both of which are designed for the client looking for quality and professionalism.

Warwick are part of the Spirit Organisation and with their guidance and capital Warwick has continued to expand across South Africa and other jurisdictions over the last two decades. Warwick are Wealth Management experts and professionals and have a qualified staff with exceptional skill levels. Warwick has developed two distinct networks and via these networks clients are introduced to the company and thus all of its products and services.

Established in 2007, the Warwick Professional Network is Warwick's direct link to the thousands of industry professionals that work throughout South Africa and around the world.A huge network of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) and other professionals are aligned with Warwick via our Succession, Intermediary, Advisory and Merger plans.

Established in 2002, the Warwick Lifestyle Network is the largest network of sporting clubs and other senior related activities anywhere in Africa. Several hundred sports, recreational and social clubs, along with retirement villages and other senior associations make up this well established and supportive network.

Executive and Board Members

Regional Management


We are continually growing experienced, driven and qualified individuals from within the financial services sector. Current opportunities to join Warwick are shown below.

Spirit Foundation

Established by the Kilbride family, the Spirit Foundation provides a platform for Warwick and others to support the three charitable foundations operating under the Spirit Foundation, namely the Spirit Education Foundation, the Spirit Community Foundation and the Spirit Wildlife Foundation.


The Spirit Foundation has established an enviable track-record over the past thirty years of assisting worthy causes and we believe that this has impacted in a positive and meaningful way on the lives and projects it has supported.

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