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The Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS) requires every authorised financial services provider to adopt, implement and maintain a conflict of interest management policy. The policy sets out the parameters and procedures for managing any conflicts of interest that may arise in the rendering of financial services. For further information, you can download theĀ Warwick Conflict of Interest Policy. Authorised financial services providers within the Warwick Group of companies manage and monitor both the risks of personal and business conflicts of interest. Controls include awareness, disclosures, approval processes and enforcement. Warwick companies and their staff do not engage or condone any activity prohibited by the Prevention and Combating of Corrupt Activities Act 12 of 2004.

All tangible gifts, benefits or hospitality, given and/or received, are subject to monetary limits and disclosure requirements and are limited to ordinary and acceptable business practices.

Anti-Money laundering.

“Accountable institutions”, as defined by the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 28 of 2001, within the Warwick group of companies are required to perform verification of all existing and potential clients. Warwick companies are also subject to the Protection of Constitutional Democracy against Terrorists and Related Activities Act 33 of 2004, and are obliged to request necessary information and verifying documentation from clients and potential clients. Further information/documentation may be required for legitimate business purposes and to enable companies within the Warwick group to perform their contractual obligations to clients. This information/documentation will only be retained for the purposes of complying with relevant legislation.