Sidney McKinnon, Managing Director of Warwick Fund Management, has a wealth of experience in the financial services and investment industries, gained serving as a fixed interest specialist at Southern Life, Nedcor Investment Bank and Trident Capital. Before joining Warwick in 2013, Sidney was responsible for setting up the functionality of the asset manager within the Lion of Africa group. 

“Since Sidney joined Warwick in 2013, he has brought a new depth of knowledge and experience; and has also built one of the most dynamic asset management teams now operating in South Africa,” says Ian Kilbride, Chairman and CEO of Warwick Wealth.

We asked Sidney to tell us more about his asset management team who will now operate under the name of Warwick Fund Management.

“A full discretionary fund manager with a Category II License, Warwick Fund Management provides investment solutions for our private client base based on a choice of risk models and retail unit trust funds.

“My vision is to continue providing specialised solutions for our private client base whilst also growing the team and business to be a formidable and sought-after asset manager. The differentiating factor is that we are able to provide bespoke solutions to our clients because each individual client is attended to. As a result, clients feel cared for individually,” he explains.

According to Sidney, the ethos and goals of Warwick Fund Management are very much aligned with those of the Warwick group as a whole. Testament to this is the very close and active relationship that Sidney has with the other Directors who sit alongside him on the Warwick EXCO.

“We actively take an interest in each other’s businesses so that we can align ourselves with a common goal and purpose,” he says.


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