Warwick Estates drafts Wills and conducts executorship services, on behalf of ‘The Investment Specialists’. Legally exacting, compassionate, yet remaining highly efficient, Warwick Trust is a unique team of professionals.

Offering expert legal advice and client service, in the area of will drafting and executorships, Warwick Trust has a simple and yet highly effective modus operandi.

An initial confidential personal consultation is arranged, at which instructions are taken for the drafting of the Will document, at no cost to the client. Following the completion of the Will, a copy is retained by Warwick Trust in safe custody, again at no cost. A further copy is supplied to the client.

When any client passes away our qualified team will ensure that their bequests are carried out efficiently and their cherished possessions and assets are distributed in accordance with their precise wishes, as set out within the Will.

We pride ourselves in providing a caring, trustworthy and efficient executorship service, ensuring that your loved ones are supported and kept fully informed throughout the entire process.

As a key division of Warwick and with a strong national presence, Warwick Trust has the ability to handle all estates and their assets, wherever they may be within South Africa or around the world.