Professional Network


Established in 2007 the WPN is Warwick’s direct link to the thousands of financial professionals that work throughout South Africa and around the world.

A nationwide network of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) and other professionals are aligned with Warwick, via the ‘Warwick Intermediary Agreement’ (WWIA). Many IFA’s choose Warwick as their professional succession plan, while others have fully-merged their company into Warwick, thereby bringing the IFA additional benefits.

Since its formation this network has continued to grow membership every month and in South Africa is now recognised as one of the largest and most productive investment networks in existence.

The Regional Manager in each region ensures that the advantages of membership are communicated clearly and new members approached daily. Thereafter, an exceptional level of client care and interaction, that involves not just the client but also the member themselves, ensures that the individual being introduced to Warwick receives only the best advice and appropriate product.

Succession Planning

The WPN ensures that regulated ‘succession planning’ is secured for any IFA in the most professional manner possible, while securing themselves quality long-term remuneration.


The WPN also enables IFA’s to merge their client base entirely into Warwick. This allows the IFA to retire with a pension that lasts well beyond their own working lives and even death. It is the perfect way to ensure that clients are looked after, while also creating the most value offered for their business, anywhere in South Africa.