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SPIRIT EDUCATION FOUNDATION, formerly known as the KiDS Foundation was founded in April 1994 in the same year and indeed month, of South Africa’s birth as a democracy. SPIRIT has grown to become a recognised name in the world of education and it has assisted hundreds of children from disadvantaged homes.

Warwick Chairman and CEO Ian Kilbride was the founder of SPIRIT along with Tessa de Beer Smit and remains its active and fully committed Chairman. Warwick funds 100% of all SPIRIT’S costs, ensuring that 100% of all monies raised goes directly to fund the education of all the SPIRIT scholars, this is now over 100 high school scholars.

Spirit Foundation

Warwick is a sponsor of the Spirit Education Foundation, click on logo above to view SPIRIT website.

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The Spirit Wildlife Fund is passionate about rhino conservation and is committed to the preservation and sustainability of this iconic species. To let them die would be to lose the heart and soul of Africa. We must act NOW. We must act decisively. We must win the war against rhino poaching for this generation, for our children’s generation and for all future generations, not just in Africa.

Spirit Foundation

Warwick is a sponsor of the Spirit Wildlife Fund, click on logo above to view SPIRIT website.



Warwick are proud to be part of the ‘The Little Optimist’s’ journey. 

Greg’s message: ‘I want to use an Opi as a vehicle to promote positive thinking, belief and overcoming obstacles in life. This tiny little children’s dinghy that should not even be classified as a yacht (due to its shape, size and proportions) has a huge heart. This ‘bath tub’ boat has become one of the most recognizable, nostalgic, and most sailed kids dingy’s in the world, with many of the big name sailors, having started in an Optimist. It believes it can and will be a big yacht, and that it can conquer the oceans and the seas no matter what they say. I want to inspire kids, by harnessing the Opis ‘Heart’ and spirit, to show the world what we can achieve with positive thought, desire, belief and incredible optimism.’

The Aim: To save children’s lives by inspiring them to get better, to teach them a skill, to create a passion and to raise funds and awareness for the CHILDRENS HOSPITAL TRUST and the New Red Cross Hospital Intensive Care Unit.

Greg and the Little Optimist’s journey began in Cape Hangklip across shark invested waters of False Bay around Cape Point and the Cape of Storms to Cape Town City via Robben Island and Dassen Island to Saldanha and then finally ending the journey in Langebaan Lagoon (the home of the Little Optimist).  The journey, over 200km in the open ocean along one of the wildest and most dangerous coastlines in the world, and they did it. ‘A little believer with a huge heart’.

Please watch the video link below and read more on the Little Optimist’s website, the link is also shown below


The Little Optimist