Warwick is a local and international wealth company known as ‘The Over 50 Specialists’.  Exceptional products, client care and stringent compliance epitomise Warwick, the financial institution with one name, one market and one number.

Established in 2002 as ‘The Over 50 Specialists’, and now operating internationally, Warwick is focused on its unique products designed exclusively for the over-50 and retirement market.    Total focus on this market ensures that all Warwick clients have their unique needs met from day one.

The company has four professional product houses, each of which is committed to the continual improvement of all products and services offered to its client base.


South African fund and asset management.


Will drafting and executorship services.


International fund and asset management and related products.

A financial institution with authorised companies in several jurisdictions, Warwick companies conduct  their own asset management, asset allocation, premium collection, Will drafting, executorship services, as well as extensive client care and client reviews.


Warwick has two distinct networks through which clients are introduced to the company and all of its products and services.

Professional Network

A nationwide network of Independent Financial Advisors (IFA’s) and other professionals are aligned with Warwick, via the ‘Warwick Intermediary Agreement’.  Many IFA’s choose Warwick as their professional succession plan, while others have fully-merged their company into Warwick, thereby bringing the IFA still further benefits.

Lifestyle Network

Several hundred sports, recreational and social clubs, along with retirement villages and other senior associations make up this established network, again via the ‘Warwick Intermediary Agreement’.  Bowls, croquet, senior golf and many other grass-roots sporting codes and clubs benefit significantly from Warwick’s sponsorship and support.