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Keep it in the family

It has been such a confusing couple of weeks on the market and the Gloria Gecko of Warrington has been back on my case again after an absence of several years. Yes my mother is back, on the investment prowl and delighted to hear that Anchor Butter has now listed on the Johannesburg Stork Exchange, […]

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Teach your Grandkids to Start Saving Early

At Warwick Wealth, most of our clients have saved enough money for a comfortable retirement. But will your children and grandchildren follow suit? No-one knows what kind of world the youngest members of your family will be living in when they reach their golden years. But one thing is for sure – it can’t hurt […]

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How to Ride Out the Rate Hikes

The recent interest rate increase, albeit a moderate one, is good news for those with cash investments – who will now see a higher return on their savings. The repo rate jumped from 5.5% to 5.75% in July following the MPC meeting. However, for those who are still paying off their homes, cars and other […]

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